The #1 Requested Add-on

According to a 2017 survey that Sage conducted of customers, accounts payable automation was the most requested new functionality.  So it should come as no surprise that Sage recently introduced Sage AP Automation powered by Beanworks.  Let’s take a look at this new suite of AP automation features now available for Sage 100c.

What is Sage AP Automation?

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Seven reasons why stock-outs are hurting your profitability

Distribution SoftwareAre you aware of how lost sales impact the profitability of your business? Is this issue apparent to the whole team?

Your profitability is influenced by more than just the very obvious loss of the sale and the impact that has on the bottom line.

The time spent addressing customer concerns, placing emergency orders, and sourcing products could be more usefully deployed doing the right things.  If the people involved in this include sales team members, then the time that should be spent generating additional business is lost and the impact on overall profitability will be more severe.

There are a number of factors that contribute to a loss in profitability. Let’s take a look:

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What’s in Your Warehouse?

There are lots of moving parts when it comes to managing a warehouse – both literally and figuratively! How streamlined and accurate are your warehouse operations? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How confident are your reps and accounting team in the accuracy of your inventory at any given moment?
  • How many steps (again, literally and figuratively!) does it take for your reps to place an order for your customer, then for the warehouse to pick, pack, and ship that order?
  • When inventory is received, transferred, or issued, how quickly and accurately are these transactions recorded into your Sage 100 ERP?

Warehouse management is all about efficiency. Turn your warehouse into a powerhouse with easy-to-use Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Shipping Automation, and Mobile Sales tools for Sage 100.

Join Computer Management and our partners, ScanForce and V-Technologies, for a live 30-minute webinar to see the most streamlined order fulfillment you can achieve using Sage 100.

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When State Auditors Head out of State

Auditors are on the move. While most businesses expect (i.e., dread) to be audited by their home department of revenue, it often comes as a surprise to learn that state tax authorities routinely send auditors to, or hire auditors from, other states to capture unreported sales and use tax revenue. Some states go so far as to have remote offices. What exactly are they doing though?

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