How to Minimize Costs and Increase Accuracy with Barcoding

Are you using barcode scanning in your warehouse? Why not? I’ve seen many companies including SMB save time, money, and numerous errors by implementing barcoding. This is something we suggest as business consultants when analyzing our customers’ process during our discovery meetings. Implementing barcoding into your organization frequently brings a nice return on investment almost instantly.


What is required? Barcoding software to integrate within your ERP or business software solution, a wireless network to transmit data from your warehouse, scanners to capture the barcodes and a barcode label printer to print.

How it’s done? At the most basic level, barcode and scanner software are installed within you ERP or business solutions. A barcode label printer is needed if your inventory received does not come with a barcode already and if you are printing barcoded shipping labels. With this barcode label printer, you can add barcodes to your bin locations in your warehouse to keep track of the inventory in the actual location. When inventory is received or removed within your warehouse, you can scan the warehouse location and then scan the product. This will adjust within your ERP or business software system automatically.

How does this benefit you? Barcoding helps address many warehouse inefficiencies. The days of manual entry are over, eliminating human error and time-consuming product tracking. Below are some benefits which will go against your return on investment:

Accuracy: Barcodes are reliable. No longer does your warehouse staff have to manually enter information. Your warehouse staff will be able to locate and enter inventory with a quick scan. Your inventory is now tracked with precision. Physical inventory can be done quickly rather than tying up your stock for days, giving you an extremely precise view on your levels.

Speed:  Warehouse staff can now just scan instead of actually reading and entering identification numbers. No longer will they have to examine, read, enter and possibly re-enter misread or mistyped numbers. Your staff can scan double or triple the amount of product in minutes where it used to take them that amount of time to input a dozen units. Labor costs and man hours are cut because of the increase in speed. Think about the considerable amount of time saved.

Improved Customer Service: By having an accurate handle on your inventory, your sales team can sell the products you are stocking with confidence. Customers can expect the products they order, and your billing team can invoice quicker resulting in quicker payments received. No longer will you have frustrated customers expecting product that you thought was in-stock.

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What else can you do with barcode scanning?

Well, here is an interesting scenario I would like to share with you and hopefully this hasn’t happened to you: a product recall. We needed to assist one of our clients with a recall of a faulty product, but luckily for them, we had implemented barcoding technology at their organization. We were able to assist them with tracking the product to the owner. Barcoding gave us the ability to trace it by serial and lot numbers, making this horrifying situation a manageable one. By implementing barcoding technology our client was able to contact their customers about potential lots that were problematic and subjected to recall.

Barcoding is a quick and easy function that can be implemented into many ERP or business software solutions. Its return on investment is worth the benefits 10 times over. If you are looking for a product that gives your business more bang for its buck, you need to look into barcoding!

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