Don't be Late: State W2 & 1099 eFile Deadlines

It’s that time of the year again! CMS wants to help take the mystery out of what needs to meet which deadline. It is important to notice that there may be different deadlines for paper filing and electronic filing.

We encourage everyone to file all forms electronically, in fact, in many cases it may be mandated. Aatrix is the recommended service for electronic filing through Sage.

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If you’re going to e-file, you must meet the submission deadlines of your service to ensure that your filing is submitted to the government on time. We recommend filing early. The following links show the deadlines for submission using Aatrix:

• W2 e-File Due Dates
• 1099 e-File Due Dates

IRS and SSA Deadlines:
                                   Paper Filing                                              Electronic Filing
                         Recipient       Federal Agency                    Recipient      Federal Agency
W-2                  1/31/2019     1/31/2019                              1/31/2019     1/31/2019
1099MISC       1/31/2019     1/31/2019                              1/31/2019     1/31/2019
1095                1/31/2019     2/28/2019                              1/31/2019     4/2/2019

W-2s must be filed with the SSA electronically if you are filing 250 or more forms.

State deadlines vary by state. Check with your state agency for their due date, as the submission should be received by the e-file Center three business days prior to that date.

As always, we suggest that you carve out time within your day to dedicate to getting this task completed. You don’t want to wait until the last minute. By planning ahead, you can help to avoid delays, mistakes, and aggravation. Success comes to those who prepare well and put in the effort.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us at 860.399.4215.

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