CMS’ Executive Team

Susan Payton
Susan is the proud founder of CMS.  She started the company thirty years ago in her basement and spent many a night at the dining room table to get the company where it is today.  Susan has followed Sage and the industry from Real World Software to Sage 100 as we know it today.  She remains a forward moving leader and is excited for CMS’s future.

Susan studied Data Systems and Business Management at Bryant and Johnson & Wales.  She is an avid runner, vegetarian, world traveler and loves dogs and yoga.  You can follow Susan on LinkedIn by clicking here

Harvey Payton
Harvey graduated from Bryant College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.  Over the past 45 years, his career has been diversified in many areas of business from startup to growth and development.  Harvey’s particular areas of specialty include sales, marketing, international trade, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and supply chain management.  Harvey is Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing at CMS and his current role embodies the combination of all his years of business experience. A self-starter and a highly motivated individual, Harvey, thrives on problem solving.  He likes a good challenge, which makes his day to day job at CMS quite fulfilling.  In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, boating, kayaking and travelling.  You can follow Harvey on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Greg Tisdale
Greg has 17 years of hands on experience with software installation, implementation and training.  Along with his associate’s degree in business administration, Greg is a Certified Sage Trainer for Core Accounting and Distribution, a Certified Crystal Trainer for Basic and Advanced Levels and a Certified Sage Consultant. He thrives on bringing order out of chaos.

Most important, Greg is a proud Dad of four, three children and his German Shepherd, Dante.  Outside of work he is known as a soccer coach and a certified Karate instructor.  Greg also can be seen hiking or walking around town with Dante.