Aatrix deadlines to e-file is different than the federal deadlines 

Just a reminder that if you are using Aatrix their deadlines to e-file is different than the federal deadlines.

If you’re going to file via Atrix, you must meet the following deadlines to ensure that your filing is mailed/submitted to the government on time.

Employee and Recipient copies are to be postmarked by January 31.

Submit them to the eFile Center by 3PM Central Time January 27th for a guaranteed January 31st postmark.

Federal copies must be submitted January 30th by 3PM Central Time.

State deadlines vary by state. Check with your state agency for their due date and the submission should be received by the eFile Center three business days prior to that date.

We recommend filing early. The links for updated lists of due dates for submission using Aatrix are found below:

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us at 860.399.4215.