Our Values

Our combined knowledge and experience help our clients solve problems, become more efficient, and experience business growth. We work hard for our clients, giving them time to focus on improving processes and reducing inventory levels while we provide a timely information analysis. We strive to exceed service level agreements, focusing on our Client Bill of Rights and creating relationships that last a lifetime. We are committed to measurable results. 

Whether you have operational difficulties, efficiency issues, cultural changes, processes, or systemic problems, CMS has a personalized solution to help you overcome your challenges while achieving your objectives.

As your business partner, we create personalized solutions that have a quantifiable impact on your business. We perform a process and system review in which we examine all aspects of your operations, processes, procedures, network health, and software efficiencies. We offer recommendations following our comprehensive analysis to facilitate your implementation plan, which will reignite and transform your business practices.



CMS specializes in identifying and solving your business challenges, targeting the right solutions, and providing you with consulting, implementation, education, and support.



CMS has extensive experience in accounting services, inventory, wholesale distribution, and manufacturing. Our experienced team of consultants will educate you on solutions to improve your business while staying on time and on budget.



CMS will provide solutions that give you the information you need to make the right decisions to meet your business growth objectives. 

Marrinan & Associates Case Study

Learn how Marrinan & Associates saved nearly $300,000 thanks to CMS consulting technique
and the automation benefits featured in Sage 100.