Barcode / Mobility Webinar

Incorporate automation in 2019.

January 22nd - 1 pm EST

Mobility for Barcode, which is the latest in a long line of Scanco Software integrations into Sage 100, allows Sage Distribution and Manufacturing companies to streamline supply chain operations with the addition of real-time communication with mobile devices from directly within Sage 100. Sage Mobility For Barcode will now provide the gateway for all things mobile, allowing all users to take advantage of adding mobile apps to their current processes. 

Sage will enable access to the Mobility Module to all Sage 100 and 100c customers using the 2018 version. Mobility can be added directly from within Sage 100 and installs in minutes. Users can start with the included apps for physical counts, and mobile sales and scale to full warehouse management, Work Order Automation, Sage 100c Manufacturing Automation, and Field Service all designed around and fully integrated with Sage Mobility for Barcode.

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