For growing businesses tired of feeling out of control, CMS offers the knowledge, experience, software systems, and concise plans that enable you to evolve and progress down a clear path. We don’t just advise, we put the right people and the right knowledge onsite – side-by-side with your executive team, floor managers, and front-line employees – to ensure a successful outcome.


Inventory management, processes, and validation are complicated. CMS helps you gain control and understanding of the inventory you have, where it is, and what it’s worth.

We teach our clients how to improve business management and plan for the future by taking ownership of customers’ problems.


Managing your supply chain and staying ahead of factors like cost erosion, accurate forecasting, production bottlenecks, and inventory excess are necessary to be cost-effective and lean.

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Fixed Assets Accounting

Companies that fail to manage fixed assets effectively can accidentally misrepresent financial information and make mistakes in tax filings, resulting in fines (or criminal charges in extreme cases). In most industries, fixed assets represent one of the largest investments on the balance sheet, and depreciation generates one of the largest expenses on the income statement.

CMS helps you achieve accurate and timely fixed assets reporting, reducing costs and mistakes and freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business. 

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Consulting and automation benefits of Sage 100 Case Study

Marrinan & Associates Case Study


The company’s out-of-the-box software solution wasn’t being utilized to its fullest potential and wasn’t maximized for the company’s needs.


Learn how Marrinan & Associates saved nearly $300,000 thanks to CMS and our consulting technique and the automation benefits featured in Sage 100.


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